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Comedian Micah "Bam-Bamm" White has been entertaining audiences for over two decades. Having traveled to over 80 US cities in 30 different states, 4 countries, and performed for over 40 corporations, 20 colleges, and 30 comedy clubs. Having worked with and for the likes of Rickey Smiley, Lebron James, Gary Owen, Bob Saget, George Wallace, and more.  Micah is definitely a comic that has the gift to make anyone, regardless of their age, culture, or ethnicity, laugh...A LOT!! To witness it is to understand it!.




Micah's gift of oration has no limits. Micah has spoken to many different corporations in an effort to create a more accountable workforce as it pertains to unity in the workplace as well as accountability to those they serve outside of the company. Micah has been the keynote speaker for convocations and graduations at the high school & college level. Micah is also a TED X speaker and TED X Speaker Coach. As a current theology student at Virginia Union University, Micah's purpose is to use his voice to empower the oneness of us all!




Micah loves the fullness of entertainment and energy. Whether he is introducing the next act, auctioning items for a fundraiser, or singing one of his favorite songs with his (or another) band, he is the man for the moment. With his incredible wit, comedic timing, and true ability to tune into any group of people, Micah is definitely the gentleman you want creating the energy at your next event. If necessary, he'll bring his band along too!